Case Study - Security Tagging Business


A profitable business, however the owner, whilst earning a good living got demotivated, lacked stimulus and the business was drifting.


Terms of Reference

Sales and Marketing

  • Introduce new business by internet marketing
  • Advise and assist with the strategic development of the business on a project basis
  • Monitor progress, introduce new ideas, direction and objectives whilst providing business mentoring


Aims and Objectives

Internet Marketing

Design and produce an e-mail presentation of the business which could be sent following an introductory phone call to the business. This would suitably portray the company to enhance its profile and market perception. Identify the potential market and make introductory phone calls enabling the e-mail presentation to be sent. Pass on interested leads to the Managing Director for sales conversion.


  • Assistance with the introduction and recruitment of new personnel enabling the business to expand its sales force.
  • Identify and introduce new suppliers enabling the company to expand its product range and significantly reduce costs.
  • Introduce the company to importing, structure the formal procedures and logistics. Advise the company how to finance stock and improve cash flow.


The recently developed EaSel presentation, a Marling Associates innovation, was used to successfully introduce the company to over 130 previously identified prospective clients.


Over £8 million of potential business was identified.

As a result of the approaches new accounts were introduced with estimated annual sales over £500,000 per annum.

As a result of our independent approach, a new sales manager was appointed who successfully formed a progressive and energetic injection to the business.

As a result of our research into new sources of supply, 4 new suppliers were located and introduced to the company. The suppliers were based in both China and Europe. Supplier visits were made to assess quality procedures, using our manufacturing experience and to understand their capabilities. The net result has been a considerable broadening of the company’s product range which has facilitate new markets and customers who were previously outside their capability. The new suppliers have reduced the cost of the company’s principal product by two thirds without any change in the quality of the product. This has resulted in dynamic effect on the company’s profitability, increasing profits to over £500,000 per annum for a four man business, enabling proprietor to sell the business. He is now able to retire at the age of 38.

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