Case Study - Precision Engineering Company


A Precision Engineering was formed in 1976 by three partners. The business grew steadily and successfully to build up a turnover to just under £3 million, employing 50 people. Profits were at an acceptable level when one of the Directors retired. Their order book was tighter than usual and the directors, having no specialist skills in sales and marketing realised they needed assistance in this area. The company was technically extremely competent and had built up a very skilful workforce using modern plant and equipment.


Terms of Reference

Sales and Marketing

The company had grown largely through reputation and custom had been developed through word of mouth. The areas which needed to be reviewed were:-

Key Manufacturing capabilities of the business. Establish the strengths and weaknesses of the business to formulate a marketing strategy to attract the right type of companies and clients to develop profitable business. Produce a written report including recommendations for the strategic development of the customer base. This will include:-

Defining the Target Market. Agreeing the type of client such as OEM, Market Sectors, Export opportunities, Growth markets. Establish a target list through the use of various databases which are available.

Branding. Review the company’s market perception and profile both by its employees and customers. Design and agree the style of approach to the potential client base.

The Existing Client Base. This needed a careful review to establish how this can be developed using techniques to add value to the existing customers and understanding why business is not being repeated if this happens. Do the customers know of the exact capabilities? Is there more business to be had from your existing clients? Analyse the current products and markets and establish the potential growth areas for future development of the business.

Produce a Strategic Sales and Marketing Plan include SWOT and MOST analysis. Introduce the EaSel Marketing tool specifically designed for selling manufacturing capability using E-mail.

Company Brochure, introduce a specialist to produce a new company brochure. Assist and help where necessary.

Website. Introduce specialist multi media companies to update the website giving a modern and informative presentation of the company.


Aims and Objectives

Increase turnover and profitability so the directors can have a planned exit strategy from the business.


Outcome Achievements

Sales and Marketing Strategic Plan Produced Visits to existing customers were made resulting in immediate new business achieved (£40,000) and establishing considerable growth potential. Corporate Branding and Company profile reviewed and updated. EaSel Presentation produced and presented to other Pump manufactures stimulating interest in the business leading to new accounts being opened.

Company introduced to produce a new brochure and website. During my period of involvement over 10 months the company’s order book grew substantially, whilst not claiming full responsibly for, however, influence on in its growth and how the directors and the employees perceived their business. The growth refocused management towards the production requirements, greater efficiency levels and lean manufacturing. A very substantial increase in profits was achieved for a small outlay on out sourced skills the company lacked internally.

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