Case Study - Airport Transfer Specialist

Terms of Reference

The company specialises in long distance travel by car and focuses on Airport Transfer work. The company positions itself at the upper end of the market providing smart vehicles, without the taxi logo and meters, and well presented drivers. Collar and tie is the standard attire for male drivers. The company prices itself competitively, not the cheapest, but in the middle range

Sixty percent of the turnover was directly with the public and the company was looking to expand its corporate business. Mailshots and internal telemarketing had been done internally by the company with very little success.


Aims and Objectives

Ideally, the company would like to increase its activity in the corporate account sector by £ 200,000 per annum

Process Employed

The type of account customer was identified and defined. The specific target would be the person responsible for the international travel arrangements within an organisation. It was decided the EaSel Marketing would be the best approach. This as where the company is first canvassed by telephone, a need established, quickly followed by an e-mail presentation directly to the decision maker.

The EaSel Presentation is an e-mail attachment, and takes around 2 minutes to view. Using images and creative text writing, it enables a large amount of information to be transferred in a short space of time. A database was maintained and made available to the client

This was then followed up, and because of the compelling nature of the presentation accounts are introduced, usually without a visit. Major accounts, however, are visited with the MD, who has limited corporate selling experience. The presentation technique, by the MD, has developed considerably, with the benefit on hand and live coaching, into a very professional presentation. During various meetings and working together, business mentoring is given freely, which has proved to be solid advice along with creative thinking, providing entrepreneurial stimulation and reflection.


During the period of association growth has also been achieved by acquisition, two companies being acquired. Strategic and tactical advice on the absorption process has been given to enable the problems to be ironed out and for the company to progress successfully.


The work was done on a limited time scale varying between 2 and 6 days per month, depending on level of growth required. A true outsourced selling resource at a fraction of the cost of a full time sales employee. Various sectors of the market, geographically, were canvassed with success levels monitored and measured. After 24 months the programme has introduced over 30 new accounts spending approximately £9000 per month. (excluding the acquisitions).With a focus on larger accounts, after 48 months the programme had introduced 42 accounts spending £22,000 per month. Corporate account business was grown to 75% of turnover (excluding acquisitions.) and annual growth rate of 12% was achieved.

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